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Date: December 1, 2010 | Time: 3:49pm | Posted By: Dr. Puneet Arora

Tame Your Tension...with Chiropractic!!
When your stress is due to nerve interference caused by a misaligned spine, poor circulation or muscle strain - you may notice that you feel more relaxed once we realign your spine!
Say"yes" to maintaining your Chiropractic care throughout the holiday season. Chiropractic adjustments aim to keep your spine properly aligned. Discover how Chiropractic adjustments can soothe your muscle tension, relieve your pain and help you feel your best!
When your vertebrae are adjusted back to their normal position, one possible cause of your stress can be corrected! In fact, a study of college students showed that Chiropractic spinal adjustments actually reduced their level of anxiety.
Nerve interference caused by spinal misalignment's can lead to anything from neck pain, headaches, lowered resistance and fatigue - to nervousness!
Balancing your nervous system can help you feel calmer and more energetic!
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Date: November 2, 2010 | Time: 1:27pm | Posted By: Dr. Puneet Arora

Over 90% of "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" Starts in the Neck!
If you've had a past neck injury and you also experience burning, tightness, soreness and/or fatigue in your forearms and wrist - you could have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)!
It's not uncommon for a sensation of numbness and tingling to awaken you at night. You may notice a loss of grip strength, drop things more frequently or have trouble writing.
Left untreated, it can lead to lasting nerve damage!
However, CTS is highly treatable with Chiropractic care - especially when diagnosed early!!
The "Neck -Wrist Connection" Made Simple...
The carpal tunnel is a narrow space inside the wrist that allows the flexor tendons and the median nerve to run from the wrist into the hands.
CTS is an entrapment and compression of the median nerve at the wrist, often due to spinal misalignment and repetitive use! We're not robots - eventually something will give!!
The median nerve entrapment can occur along your cervical spine, through your shoulder joint, elbow and may end with symptoms in your wrist, hands and fingers.
According to a study in the Journal of Hand Surgery, a review of thousands of medically confirmed CTS cases has shown that over 90% of patients examined also had a problem with he cervical nerves supplying the median nerve of the wrist.
An irritation of the nerves in the neck leaves the lower portion of the nerves in the wrist susceptible to irritation as well. Spinal adjustments help reduce tissue swelling and relieve pressure on cervical nerves that may be causing your wrist pain!
Wrist Movement Restored Naturally!
Is it any wonder that so many CTS patients do not respond well to wrist surgery! To fully resolve your wrist issues, we'd be missing that boat if we didn't address problems in your neck, FIRST.
Instead of "cutting away" the symptoms, Chiropractic is an effective non-invasive approach to correcting the problem naturally - at the source!
Find Out How We Can Help You!!
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Date: October 25, 2010 | Time: 8:44am | Posted By: Dr. Puneet Arora

Headaches Don't Have to "Haunt" You!
Just because nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches it doesn't mean YOU have to! If you want to see your headaches vanish once and for all, then please keep reading!!
While not usually a sign of something serious, headaches can easily get in the way of your work or social life. The truth is they can be anything from unbearable!
Popping a pill can "trick" you into thinking everything is okay, but it won't correct the underlying problem! Treat yourself to something that has been PROVEN to safely, effectively and affordably relieve headaches!!
What We Do Works!
The causes of headaches vary a great deal but can include nerve compression, irritated joints and muscle inflammation. Chiropractic management of these structural problems can ease your headache:
  • An evaluation of the nerves, muscles and joints that may contribute to headaches.
  • A series of spinal adjustments to relieve the stress on your musculoskeletal system.
  • Advice on stretching exercises and other modifications.

Poor posture, particularly for long periods of time spent at a computer or similar workstation, whiplash injuries and stress are just a few situations that lead to the contraction and tensing of the muscles around the neck and back areas. In turn, this can lead to headaches!

Don't Wait Until You're in "Howling" Pain!

Your family depends on you. You can't afford to miss work. Stop having to cancel your travels and other important events due to headaches. Even he fear of a headache coming on can become incapacitating!!

By ensuring your spine is healthy, chances are we can help relieve YOUR pain, naturally!!

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Date: September 15, 2010 | Time: 2:48pm | Posted By: Dr. Puneet Arora

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Chiropractor in Frisco, TX/ What is a Subluxation?

Date: July 20, 2010 | Time: 8:49am | Posted By: Dr. Puneet Arora

What is a subluxation?
The word "subluxation" comes from the Latin words meaning "to dislocate" (luxare) and "somewhat or slightly" (sub). A subluxation means a slight dislocation (misalignment) or bio-mechanical malfunctioning of the vertebrae (the bones of the spine). These disturbances may irritate nerve roots and the blood vessels which branch off from the spinal cord between each of the vertebrae. This irritation may cause pain and dysfunction in muscle, lymphatic and organ tissue, as well as neurologic imbalance in the normal body process.
Now this is the technical definition, many patients are not worried about the definition, instead they want tot know what is going on in their bodies. Well, in simpler terms, this is where a joint or many joints that have become misaligned from there natural position. This in turn has put improper pressure on neighboring tissues, thus causing pain receptors to fire. The body is very intelligent, and like a car will signal to you that something is not working correctly. At that point it's the drivers decision, to either a) take care of the issue, get it checked, and get the problem fixed, or b) ignore the issue put a sticky note over the check engine light (i.e. take medication to mask the pain), and pretend that the issue doesn't exist. Well we all know, if we take option b) the problem might go away temporarily, but usually comes back with a vengeance at a later time, usually causing even more damage or usually more expense as well.
So what does all this mean, if we get the problems identified in a timely fashion, it can be an easy fix, but if we wait, the problem can magnify and the fix tends to be far more complicated/expensive.
Take advantage of our online coupon, get checked out today.
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