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Athlete Sports Injury Treatment in Frisco, TX

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on October 22, 2021

With more than 30 million children enrolled in sports, it’s no surprise that athletic sports injuries are among the most common types of injuries for young people. As we age, older individuals are also more susceptible to athletic injuries from... Read More

Recognizing the Symptoms of Scoliosis

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on August 30, 2021

Scoliosis is a condition associated with an exaggerated curvature of the spine. In patients with this condition, the spine curves out to the right, taking on the appearance of a backwards “C.” Scoliosis usually begins in childhood—often just as puberty... Read More

Can Chiropractic Treat Back Pain?

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on July 29, 2021

Back pain is one of the most common conditions faced by adults, but many people dealing with chronic pain avoid seeking treatment. Often, these people want relief but don’t want to take countless medications or consider invasive therapies like surgery.... Read More

Alleviating Disc Pain with Chiropractic Care

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on June 29, 2021

Disc pain is at the root of many cases of back pain. There are many ways that discs in the spine can become injured or inflamed, and even a small issue can trigger significant discomfort. Some people try to tackle... Read More

Common Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on April 22, 2021

Car accidents occur all the time, and the consequences are often upsetting. Not only are you left dealing with the damage to your car, but there are often injuries to cope with afterwards. The good news is that some of the... Read More

5-Point Posture Checklist to Avoid Back & Neck Pain

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on March 22, 2021

One of the biggest downsides of a desk job is the discomfort that comes from sitting in a chair all day. By the time work wraps up, you’re dealing with a stiff neck and back pain that makes it difficult to... Read More

Chiropractic Care for Stress Reduction

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on February 22, 2021

Meditation and exercise are great for stress reduction, but sometimes you need a little extra help. That’s where chiropractic care comes in. Working with a chiropractor on a regular basis can keep stress levels low, which provides benefits both mentally and... Read More

Chiropractic Headache Treatment - A Good Investment?

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on January 4, 2021

Do you suffer from chronic headaches? If so, you’re one of the millions of Americans in search of safe, effective headache treatment.  That’s not to say that you don’t have options. You can try many different prescription or over-the-counter medications, but you’re... Read More

Should Athletes Try Chiropractic Sports Injury Treatment?

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on December 2, 2020

You love sports. If you could, you’d play all the time.   Your Frisco chiropractor has the same goal! They want to keep you in the game as long as possible, which means making sure you’re injury-free.  What should you do, though, if... Read More

Workplace Ergonomics - How to Improve Posture and Maintain Health

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on November 2, 2020

After working all day at your desk, do you experience neck pain, sore shoulders, or headaches?  You’re not alone. Most people deal with some post-work pain, whether they work at a desk all day or not. Repetitive tasks, fatigue, and poor... Read More

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