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Neck Pain Treatment in Frisco: Can a Chiropractor Help with Text Neck?

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on September 27, 2019

Man with text neckText neck is quickly becoming an epidemic and It isn’t selective – it can affect nearly anyone.

Those who suffer from this condition experience chronic headaches, shoulder pain and tension, and even numbness and tingling in their arms and fingers.

What causes text neck, and can a neck pain treatment from a Frisco chiropractor help?

What Is Text Neck and Why Is It So Painful?

Text neck is the result of looking down at electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops for long periods of time. Many people live on their phones, using them to conduct business, complete work or school projects, and check-in with friends on social media.

Looking down at these devices so often and for so long strains the muscles of the neck and shoulders. The constant pull on the muscles leads to inflammation, misalignment, and pain.

Neck Pain Treatment in Frisco: How Your Chiropractor Can Reduce Your Pain

Thankfully, your Frisco chiropractor can reduce your pain significantly with a neck pain treatment plan, which can include massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments.

As part of your treatment plan, your chiropractor may recommend certain exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home. The exercises include stretches that will keep muscles flexible and improve your range of motion.

Your chiropractor will also offer recommendations that can help prevent text neck in the first place.

Your Neck Is Delicate – Treat It with Proper Care Every Day

Avoid pain and chronic headaches by giving your neck the care it needs.

Reduce the amount of time you spend looking down at your devices. Relieve tension with regular massage therapy and prevent misalignment with chiropractic adjustments.

The more you care for your neck, the better you will feel every day.

Do you suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches? You might have text neck. Contact us at 214-618-7746 to schedule an evaluation right away.

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