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Your 5-Point Posture Checklist to Avoid Neck and Back Pain at Work

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on December 27, 2019

Do you ever come home after work with a stiff, sore neck? Does your neck pain often morph into headaches or migraines? Your issue could be your posture. So many people get caught up in the task at hand that they forget... Read More

5 Top Chiropractic Myths You Probably Believe – Debunked

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on November 27, 2019

Myths always dominate the conversation when someone mentions chiropractic, don’t they? The truth is, over half of the US population has visited a chiropractic doctor before with 60% saying care was effective for treating their specific conditions. Millions of people visit chiropractic... Read More

Neck Pain Treatment in Frisco: Can a Chiropractor Help with Text Neck?

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on September 27, 2019

Text neck is quickly becoming an epidemic and It isn’t selective – it can affect nearly anyone. Those who suffer from this condition experience chronic headaches, shoulder pain and tension, and even numbness and tingling in their arms and fingers. What causes... Read More

Sports Injury Treatment in Frisco: Why Athletes Need a Chiropractor

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on August 29, 2019

Athletes rely on coaches and trainers to keep them healthy and in peak physical condition. Do they really need to add a chiropractor into the mix? Absolutely! A chiropractor can provide sports injury treatment in Frisco that can help athletes recover from... Read More

Sports Recovery Therapy in Frisco: Get Back into The Game Fast!

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on July 29, 2019

No athlete is an island. In order to perform at their best, they have a team of experts behind them: coaches, trainers,  nutritionists, even chiropractors. Why would you want a chiropractor on your team? It’s because when it comes to sports recovery therapy... Read More

Do You Need to Retain a Frisco Lawyer Immediately after an Auto Accident?

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on June 11, 2019

You’ve just been in an automobile accident. What’s your next step?  Many people will tell you that your first call should be to an accident attorney. Is this really the best course of action? There’s a time and place for everything, and... Read More

How a Frisco Chiropractor Can Reduce Headaches Caused by Cell Phone Use

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on May 10, 2019

Do you ever experience soreness and stiffness in your neck? Have you noticed that you’re getting more headaches than ever before? The issue could be your cell phone, computer, or tablet. Is technology really to blame? If so, what can you do... Read More

Risks of Not Receiving Car Accident Treatment from a Frisco Chiropractor

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on April 11, 2019

Once you make it home after a car accident, you might be wondering: Should I see a chiropractor for car accident treatment in Frisco? Some people avoid seeking out chiropractic treatment. If they don’t experience immediate or intense pain, what’s the... Read More

Sciatica Treatment with Chiropractic

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on February 25, 2019

Sciatica is just one of the many different back conditions that exist today.  Chiropractors regularly interact with patients who have this type of back problem. When you have chronic pain in your lower back, it can be tempting to seek a... Read More

Low Back Pain Treatment with Chiropractic

Written By Arora Family Chiropractic on January 24, 2019

While there are a number of causes of back pain, there are only so many solutions. It may be tempting to resort to prescription painkillers or even invasive surgery to help alleviate the pain. However, these aren't the only options. Chiropractic care... Read More

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