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Dr. Arora is amazing. I was referred to him about 3 months ago by my mom's spine surgeon. I had been having constant headaches that started in my neck and work their way up my head. After an MRI was ordered by my PCP it was discovered I had massive muscle tension in my neck and back. So much so that I was having muscle spasms that were causing migraines and actually changing the bone structure in my neck, causing a "hump".... my neck was losing its curve. NOT acceptable, especially since I'm 22. Fast forward 3 months... my headaches are basically gone, the hump is just about non-existent, and my stress levels have decreased.

I remember going in for my first visit being completely blown away. The entire office was so sweet. They did thorough testing and Dr. Arora looked at my muscle test results and gave me one look that said, "ok... we're fixing this. Now." And he DID. He told me that I would have to commit to coming in about 2-3 days per week for the first month in order to really hit the ground running. He told me if I followed his instruction, the headaches would be gone in a month... of course I was a bit skeptical. I think it was the 2nd week that I really started to trust him, only because I needed to see results before I got too excited.

He kept true to his word, and my headaches were seriously decreased by the end of the first month. I drive 1.5 hours from work up to Frisco just to see him twice a week.. he is THAT good.

I am beyond grateful for him and his staff for helping me get on the path to recovery. Dr. Arora promotes a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle and believes in working with your medical team (PCP, specialist, surgeon, etc) in order to better help you. If something hurts, he tells you to stop and he will adjust until it doesn't hurt. When I first starting going to his office, I couldn't use the roller bed. It hit some trigger point on the back of my head and was somewhat painful. I am now able to use it every visit!

This guy knows what he's doing and treats you like family. I am almost in tears from writing this because I have come a long way from just 3 months ago, and it's all thanks to my amazing medical team which Dr. Arora is a huge part of. The man took away my headaches, not to mention Maria and Carla are awesome in his office! I always walk away laughing and with a smile on my face. I constantly see families in there and kids getting adjusted. I never would have imagined chiropractic care for kids, but seeing how crucial your spine's alignment is to your overall health I'm no longer surprised.

I have learned that if ANY part of your body is out of alignment or is unhappy in any way, it affects everything around it and then some. This is why it is so important to have your entire body healthy and aligned.

Thanks Dr. Arora!!!

Simply the best. No question.


Allison - a very grateful and happy patient.

He is the absolute best. Everyone who works there is so sweet, and there is a huge difference in how I feel now that I've been going. This past week I had a virus with insane congestion, and I had tried every medication/supplement/shot, with no results. Today he adjusted my ears and I was suddenly symptomless! Seriously he's the best chiropractor ever.

Ashlynn Rodriguez

My name is Jason and here’s my story. I’m 42-years old, a professional, married, and stay at home dad with four kids. When I turned 30-years old, I began to experience lower back and neck pain. At that time, I was an avid runner, exerciser, outdoorsman, and really enjoyed do-it-yourself projects that involved physical labor. Over the span of the next 10-years my condition worsened and as a result my life underwent a negative change. My activities lessoned, my exercise routines began less routine, and my do-it-yourself projects became someone else’s income. My daily runs became daily walks, weekly walks, and finally just when necessary. I felt less of a man, depressed, and feeling like another person. Even though, I’m a positive person, keep a smile, and don’t complain. It was a struggle to feel good about myself and not doing the things that made me, me!

In 2011, our daughter was born followed in 2013 by our twin boys. I became a stay at home dad maintaining the care of our three small kids while my wife worked. Even though I started a private practice the kids completely absorbed my time and energy. After two years and the physical strain of lifting and carrying for small kids my neck and back pain was exacerbated. My neck was constantly hurting, my back pain made sleep all but impossible, my feet and hands burned as if on fire daily for three solid weeks. I was desperate. I had seen medical doctors in the past that suggested rehab, pills, surgery, etc… I was at the end of my rope. I wanted another option. One without drugs or surgeries…

I researched and read numerous reviews about the Arora Family Chiropractic Clinic. My first appointment the staffs were wonderful and set my nervousness at ease. I was treated as if they had known me for years. Dr. Arora greeted me with a smile and as if being an old friend. I received a thorough review of my medical history, X-rays, discussed my past, symptomology, and where I wanted to be in the coming months. I shared, “I will be happy with 5% improvement and to not have the burning in my hands and feet!” Dr. Arora chuckled a little and said, “Jason we will do better than that I promise you.”

He was right! After the first appointment and adjustment the burning in my hands and feet disappeared. I mean it was literally gone. Over the course of the following weeks my head aches ended, neck stiffness gone, back pain decreased, sleep cycle improved, feeling rested, and became motivated again to physically do more being pain free. I can honestly say Dr. Arora’s treatment and suggested life changes greatly improved the quality of life and emotional wellbeing. Thank you Dr. Arora and to your excellent staff at the Arora Family Chiropractic Clinic, Frisco TX.

Jason Baker

I originally went to Dr. Arora for a back adjustment, but after informing him of ongoing ear issues (stopped up, congested, etc.), he suggested that I allow him to adjust my ears. I had been to see several doctors, including ENT's, allergists, and others, but none of them were able to provide any relief without daily medication. Within 1 minute of having Dr. Arora adjust my ears, I was able to hear clearly for the first time in months! I continue to visit Dr. Arora regularly for on-going treatment. He and his staff are very friendly and supportive. You will not find a better environment for your chiropractic treatments than Arora Family Chiropractic. They are amazing!

Krystle Harbert

I constantly had headaches. I was eating Motrin & Tylenol several times a day for almost a year. I then developed pain in my neck/shoulder. I ignored that pain, thinking it was stress. That pain turned into a tingling sensation in my hand. I went see Dr. Arora on the advice of a co-worker. I was a skeptic but Dr. Arora is a miracle worker!!! Since going to him, my headaches have stopped & the tingling sensation has subsided! I am so glad that I went to see him!!

Katy Quaranta

One of the best Chiropractic physicians who is very bright, compassionate, extremely competent and caring. I am a 69 yr old retired physician with POST POLIO syndrome and developed severe back pain with Sciatica about 6 months ago. I had to have 3 epidural injections and a facet joint block to relieve the pain. Recently, I had to consult a Neuro surgeon who specializes in Spine Surgery and was recommended to have spinal fusion surgery of Lumbar 4 and 5. With the recent visit to Dallas, I consulted with Dr. Arora and as recommended by him with the full evaluation, I underwent treatment with Electrical Stimulation, Therapeutic Massage and manipulation for 4 days. I am already feeling significantly better with the pain and as I live elsewhere, he recommended, I continue the same treatment. I am extremely pleased with the results and but for my Post Polio problem, I would have been fully relieved with this back pain. He made me a believer in chiropractic medicine.

Magaral Murali

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"I want to acknowledge the progress I am having with my back and neck as a result of treatment at Arora Family Chiropractic under Dr. Puneet Arora and Dr. Matthew Schindlbeck "Dr. Matt". Weekly Visits and treatment have resulted in consistent improvement and both Dr. Arora and Dr. Matt complement each other's techniques very nicely. As part of the wellness plan, I am back to a regular exercise routine that has contributed to my overall improved performance along with feeling better and with more energy every day. Now that I have seen the positive results, my aim is to continue treatment with the consistency and discipline combining to the best of my ability with my daily responsibilities.

I also want to thank Jody Priestley for having me referred to Arora Family Chiropractic."

Jorge D. Azpe


"A few months ago I had severe migraine headaches; severe to a point where it affected my vision. I have visited my family doctor in the past and they prescribed medication that temporarily alleviate the problem but the headaches would continuously reoccur. I went and researched an alternative solution and found that Dr. Arora was highly recommended by patients with similar symptoms. After the consultation and 2 weeks of adjustments, I was finally headache free and have not had any headaches ever since. Dr. Arora and his team was very helpful, I am very grateful to have meet them and highly recommend

Dr. Arora to anyone who is suffering from migraine headaches.

David Tieu


"We have been going to Dr. Arora for years. My family started seeing another chiropractor who was at the time recommended by the school's athletic trainers, but we were unhappy with the results. We found Dr. A through a friend and the entire family has been treated by him for the last five years, with excellent results. Last November, I was injured at work and was miserable, Dr. A and Dr. Matt got me back to normal, quickly. Everyone at Arora takes pride in and finds joy with their work. They are knowledgeable, professional and still manage to provide a welcoming family atmosphere in the office. The Baumert's highly recommend Dr. Arora, Dr. Matt Schindlbeck and the entire staff at both offices."

Susan Baumert

TriCore Pillow Testimonial!


"I went for consultation to determine root cause of my neck pain & headaches. Dr. Arora did thorough evaluation including X Rays. It was clear on the x rays that I had issues. I began treatment & within the first 2 weeks, I had immediate relief from headaches. The key for me was the diagnostics... without seeing for myself on the X-rays, I would have been hesitant. Additionally, I found the entire staff to be very accommodating & helpful. Great team."

Chris Yeatts


"I can't say enough good things about the great people at Arora Family Chiropractic! From the moment you walk through the doors you are made to feel very special. The atmosphere that permeates throughout the office is that of caring and being made to feel as if you're part of their family. Dr. Arora and Dr. Matt, along with Ms. Jody, Ms. Laura, and Ms. Trish, are some of the most positive and enthusiastic people you will ever meet! There is no doubt that whatever the reason you are seeking treatment, you will leave feeling 100% better! I am now experiencing range of motion in my shoulder that i haven't had in years as a result of what they've done for me.

I Highly recommend Dr. Arora and his team to anyone who is looking for the highest quality of chiropractic care!"

Mark Howard
Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach
Frisco Centennial High School