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Why is it important to get a Baseline range of motion test and a Baseline strength test?

Utilizing this state of the art equipment has allowed Arora Family Chiropractic to find patients at risk for injury, aid in formulating strengthening and therapy plans, and be proactive by finding and treating areas of concern that may not have been found without this technology. Due to the high physical demands that you go through on a daily basis it is very important to obtain a Baseline for current and future treatment reference and protocols.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to receive a complete protocol based on physical demands of your occupation or specific to a certain injury please call: Arora Family Chiropractic at your convenience.

“Good muscle strength in midlife may protect people from old age disability by providing a greater safety margin above the threshold of disability.”
Journal of the American Medical Association 1999

Computerized grip testing that we provide in our clinic provides “sustained” grip testing, a more functional representation of grip strength in daily life.