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Physical Rehab in Frisco, TX

Are You Searching for Physical Rehab Treatment in Frisco?

Living with chronic pain is exhausting and severely limits your ability to participate in and enjoy your life. Physical Rehab helps you relieve pain and return to an active and enjoyable lifestyle.

3 Common Causes of Pain and Injury in Frisco, TX

Human beings can injure themselves in almost limitless ways however, the following are some we most often see at Arora Family Chiropractic

  • Ankle, leg, and hip strains from walking our historic trails and hikes
  • Falls while participating in our many wildlife and hunting tours
  • Minor injuries from car accidents on our busy highways

The pain from these injuries is often severe and if not treated properly, can lead to ongoing issues later in life.

How Arora Family Chiropractic’s Providers Can Help

Unlike many Chiropractic offices, Arora Chiropractic has licensed Providers on staff and on location, so patients can receive both the Chiropractic care they need for pain relief, while also receiving the Physical Rehab necessary to start re-building.

Studies have shown that combining chiropractic care with physical rehab provides long-lasting positive effects and lowers the incidence of relapse.

Physical Rehab Services We Offer

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Biomechanical Assessment

  • An examination that determines exactly where your pain is originating

Manual and Exercise Therapy

  • Manipulation and guidance from our Providers

Core Stabilization Training

  • Exercises to help you strengthen your core muscles

Neuromuscular Re-education

  • Exercises to help return your body’s natural movement

Gait Analysis

  • An evaluation that looks for abnormalities when you walk and run

Kinesio Taping

  • This rehabilitation technique helps to speed up the healing process

Arora Family Chiropractic’s Wellness Philosophy

Dr. Arora and staff work hard to maintain a high professional standard and take pride in the services they deliver.

Our team is dedicated to not only treating their patients, but also providing education and advice about how to maintain wellness and prevent relapse.

Don’t Put Up with Pain Any Longer

Pain does not have to be a fact of life. Physical rehab can greatly reduce the strength and incidence of pain. It also leads to increased mobility and movement, helping you to lead a full and active life.

Contact the professional team at Arora Family Chiropractic to schedule an appointment.